UPDATE: After a catastrophic past few months, we now have several species available. Including a species rarely available in the USA.





Welcome to Itsy Bitsy's! We're a small breeder of both exotic and well known species of pet jumping spiders based in Lakewood, Colorado. We have been breeding pet jumping spiders for several years, before it became so popular. We specialize in Hyllus species. 

We ship to all of the 48 continental states (Contact me for Alaska or Hawaii). We only rehome juvenile-adult pet spiders(No Itsy Bitsy slings, sorry). Occasionally, we may rehome slings upon request to experienced hobbyists. 

We have unfortunately had to raise our prices due to rising costs associated with feeders. We also choose to keep most our jumpers a bit longer than our competitors this minimizes risk of mismolts and assures that you adopt a healthy, genetically superior jumper. 

We have Hyllus Diardi available Please note, this is an ADVANCED species and has additional care requirements. This is REQUIRED not optional! 

Do not copy without written consent. 

All sales are final