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Hyllus diardi juvenile-subadult

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Hyllus diardi juvenile-subadult

US$59.95 US$49.95

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Please do your research about this species before purchasing. This is a subtropical species and they require a lot more care than typical phidippus jumpers. Please do not cut corners with heat and humidity. I don't care if you live in Florida where it's warm and humid. Unless your house is 80°+ and stays this way. 

Captive born 

Most are sub adult phase.

 Your spider will come with a small misting bottle and a care sheet. Please read the enclosure recommendations for hyllus diardi under Pages. 

Purchase at your own risk. This is an advanced species! Prior to shipping out any spider, we make sure that it meets our quality standards of health. However, sometimes situations arise. So please ask questions if you have any. 

Please read our enclosure requirements for this species. I

Please be advised they need heat and humidity. They are used to being around 84°F and 60-70% humidity. 

Now... the good stuff. This species is one of our favorites. They're very inquisitive and seem to be equally interested in us as we are with them. They're very social and typically seem to enjoy exploring their human. They are not typically very shy. They seem to be a bit more intelligent than phidippus. They typically don't make hammocks unless they are molting or laying eggs.  


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  2. Please read enclosure recommendations 
  3. Pets only! No Breeding! Why? We have a system worked out with other breeders to ensure that we're only breeding healthy adults that aren't related. 

Pictures are examples only.