Unfortunately the typical acrylic or polystyrene boxes that keep other species of jumping spiders very well, don't work well for these guys as adults/sub adults for the following reasons.
You're not supposed to use heat in acrylic enclosures furthermore when using heat pads or any other type of heating. You need to use an external thermostat to control the heat pad.
As for humidity the best way to achieve humidity is by using a substrate. I use a coco coir and zilla jungle mix. I partially saturate it in addition to spraying the walls with a spray bottle. A few times a day. Because of the heat pad underneath the tank, it tends to dry out rather quickly. Especially in dryer states like here in Colorado. I dump about a cup of water on it every 3 days or so. You don't want it completely saturated either! Because of the humidity requirements, adequate ventilation is required.
They also require a very bright light source or they won't eat right. I like to use led because they don't get as hot. They seem seem to do great under these bright 1500 lumen Feit One sync brand under cabinet lights. 

I have unintentionally warped some of my acrylic/polystyrene enclosures just from using led lights! Imagine what a heat pad will do!
Because you can't achieve these conditions with acrylic enclosures the BEST enclosure I have found is the Exo-Terra nano 8x8x8. It has a screen top, it's glass so you can use heating pads, it has ports built in for the temp probe for your thermostat to control your heat pad, it's front opening (as to not destroy their hammock), it has a foam background that all my spiders love to climb on which also hides the temp probe, it's the right size, and it has about 2 inches of waterproof space underneath the door to to allow for substrate. This also allows for a possible bioactive set up. I have not done this yet but, I definitely plan on doing so.
The Styrofoam backing is perfect for sticking in half clam seashells that my male Diardi's especially love to sleep in. My females like to eat wax worms from there.
I do notice it sometimes takes a bit for them to get used to eating upside down. Once they get the hang of it they like to eat crickets and flies from here. I also like to stuff a thin line of paper towels in the top of the the enclosure and pack the substrate down tightly around the bottom of the backing. This is to prevent or slow down the crickets from hiding back there. I also hot glue the 2 leftmost holes and use the remaining hole for my temp probe which controls the heating pad.
You can easily purchase this tank from petco.com for around 30$ they only offer it online unfortunately. I purchase my pads and temperature controllers from Amazon my favorite one, Pymeter controls 2 tanks at once and has an alarm feature. For lighting you can use a 20$ full spectrum grow light that is purchased from the Home Depot or a fancy one from Amazon. I like the Hygger that has a sunrise/sunset + moonlight effect and timer built in for 30$.
Some people insist on purchasing an additional glass top to replace the screen mesh on the Exo-Terra. I believe that is unnecessary and can be harmful to your spider and their book lungs.
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